• Love&Kisses

Love & Kisses is the first item in this section and involves patchwork, applique and cross stitch panels and is based on the noughts & crosses grid!

It comes complete as a 16inch square cushion with duck feather pad, which  is washable on a woolly wash (so I'm told). Some of the fabrics I've used are fairtrade cotton and the whole thing is completely handmade.

I am charging £55 initially, but unlike my kits I may have to charge extra for P&P ultimately, once I've discovered how it works out... so now's your chance!

The fabrics used may vary slightly from the photograph, depending on availability, but will be as close as possible to keep the 'look' the same!


Would you like one of my kits stitched for you?

This is the beginning, so if there's another you would like please email your enquiry to:



  • £55.00

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