About Us

Hi my name is Gill; I'm a Christian woman who happens to be a lay Reader in the anglican Church.

 I taught, both at secondary and at primary levels although I trained originally as an engineer ...which is when I met my husband. These days his work is based about twenty five miles away, but it can take him to all sorts of interesting places.

We live in the most beautiful part of the world, the North Yorkshire Dales ...I'm not biased! ...and although we are 'off-cumdens' we have found it a very friendly community to join.

Our children are adults and living their own lives; our daughter returned home briefly after graduating, worked in Queensland, Australia for a couple of years then returned to live not too far away... and our son has a young son ...our first grandchild and a delight!  I'm so thankful for them all - they're such lovely people!


This site was set up,

      ...with huge help from my son thank you, love!

                    ...simply to continue the stitching I’ve been doing for years.


I’ve stitched for as long as I can remember and the Christian cards I sold to raise funds for church gradually gave way as requests for specific cards took up my time. We all know how hard it is to find ‘decent cards’ - especially for a wedding or important birthday.


So the requests: ‘can you do me a card for my grandson’s christening?’ or ‘Ann&Bob are getting married next month can you stitch a card? Cate is bridesmaid and she’s wearing mauve’ became a very regular occurrence.

Every single one of them designed for a special landmark occasion in someone’s life.


It just seemed such a waste to stitch them only once …So here is Itching to Stitch!