How to stitch Kloster blocks

Every square of the grid represents two threads of the fabric in each direction

the needle comes out of the fabric at odd numbers and down into the fabric at even numbers


the needle passes into the fabric at the same point for a second time as you turn a corner

so hole 12 is the same as hole 10; 22 is the same as 20; 32 the same as 30


and 40 is back into hole 2 to complete the square.

Kloster blocks with eyelet  


Kloster blocks with centre square cut out  

…with doves eye filling

With the thread fastened behind the bottom of the kloster block, the needle passes from right to left through the centre stitch at 1, without catching any fabric. Turn the fabric so 2 is at the bottom and with the thread looping gently pass the needle from right to left through that centre stitch.

Repeat with 3 and 4 turning each time until 1 is again at the bottom. Coming up underneath that first loop (between 1&2) take the needle again behind the centre stitch and down through the fabric.